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Talent and workforce continue to be in the list of top challenges facing technology companies in North Carolina. Quality talent recruitment, retention, engagement, and training programs are all key to having and keeping the right people in the right places. In addition to NC TECH programing and events around talent and workforce development, several members have a focus on talent. There are also several government and non-profit talent resources to consider in evaluating full talent strategies.

Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity + Inclusion is critical to all workplaces and spaces for expanding experiences, sharing perspectives opening opportunities to a wider base of individuals. NC TECH has several initiatives to support companies in their efforts including a Diversity + Inclusion in Tech summit, a dedicated channel in our virtual community, connecting with diverse suppliers, and conducting a Diversity + Inclusion Benchmark each year. 

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Focus on Talent

NC TECH hosts virtual Focus on Talent sessions each month. The topics center around talent and workforce development and feature subjects such as tech training, apprenticeships, hiring tech-trained veteran talent, diversity and inclusion, and more. Members can register to host a session as a subject matter expert, then present and discuss with fellow NC TECH members. Non-members may also be included if the host chooses.

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Job Board

NC TECH hosts a Job Board for employers to post openings and job seekers to create a profile, set notifications and apply to tech jobs. Click for more details. 

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Job Expos

NC TECH hosts multiple Virtual Tech Job Expos each year. There are several job boards and expos in the state, however, the NC TECH Virtual Tech Job Expo focuses on tech jobs, internships and careers in tech. Events are held online to provide enhanced flexibility for both the employer and job seeker.

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NC TECH commissions and releases multiple research reports on the state’s tech sector for the benefit of our members, and as a resource for policy makers, economic development leaders, and the media. Reports include the annual State of the Technology Industry Report and Tech Innovation Index and the monthly IT Job Trends.

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NC TECH has a growing membership of companies providing various resources and support for talent. Connect with members providing training, employer branding, culture development, diversity, and inclusion support, and more. Visit the Talent Resources page (link) to review a full list and see where your company could enhance current talent recruitment and retention strategies.

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Virtual Community

NC TECH Connect is the member-only virtual community for employees of NC TECH members. The platform allows members to network with peers, share content, collaborate, and socialize. There’s even a special interest group for Talent.

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Women in Tech

North Carolina is the #2 state in the US for Percentage of Women in the Technology Industry. Women make up 35.7 percent of the tech workforce). NC TECH has several programs and groups to support, retain, develop, and attract more women to technology fields. NC TECH hosts a Summit for Women in Tech, supports a scholarship for women studying technology or engineering, and manages an online community specific for women in tech.

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