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Review the membership categories below to determine which most closely fits your organization.  Then reference the membership rate chart to determine annual dues based on your total number of full-time NC employees (or only full-time NC IT employees for Affiliate and Technology Consumers).  Memberships will be active for 12 months from the time that you join and all employees will have access to membership benefits.

For questions regarding your membership category or pricing, contact Emily Young.

Membership Categories


Company whose predominant business is the development and/or sale of technology products and services.

Tech Consumer

Company that uses technology but whose primary business is not technology products or professional services.


Company that provides professional or consulting services*
*Solo-practitioners and professionals in transition may join in this category


Educational institutions, government agencies,
and non-profit organizations.

NC TECH offers a special entry membership for tech startups that have 20 or less employees and who were founded in NC within the past 4 years.


Startups learn more


Membership Rates

 Membership Dues Chart

Please Note: Federal legislation requires NC TECH to notify you in regard to the non-deductible percent of dues paid applied toward lobbying expenses. Our 2019 estimate indicates less than 6.2% of your dues are non-deductible for tax purposes.




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