NC TECH Ambassadors are essential to growing and strengthening our community and member base.  These rockstars know the value of being part of an association that brings companies together around technology, and can help new NC TECH members familiarize themselves with the benefits of membership.  If you have a passion for what our association does, and you know that you can be a leader that helps enrich the experience of NC TECH for others, we want YOU to join the crew!

Get involved

The NC TECH Ambassadors in your area serve as great local resources and can assist with introducing new connections to the association throughout the year and at events.

Stayed connected

If you have a question about how to get the most from your NC TECH membership, and want to ask someone who knows from personal experience, reach out to your local Ambassador!

Think someone you know would make a great fit for membership with NC TECH?  Invite them to meet with you and an NC TECH Ambassador!

Are you a current NC TECH Ambassador and you think you can introduce the membership team to a valuable resource or prospective member?  Set up a call or meeting with the NC TECH membership team member in your area!

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