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Our Virtual Community

NC TECH Connect is the member-only virtual community for employees of NC TECH members. 

NC TECH Connect allows members to network with peers, share content, collaborate, and socialize including posting pictures, polls, discussions, and events. An important function is for folks to gather in "groups" around commonalities, both exclusive (CIOs/CISOs, Tech CEOS, Directors + Advisors, etc.), and general special interest (Cyber Security, Women in Tech, Talent). 

The platform allows for ease of access through web, mobile app, and email notifications. Sign up now and start connecting today!



If you've already created your profile, you can login at!

Meet NANO the NC TECH Connect Robot  

Hi, I'm NANO the Robot!  My role as the NC TECH Connect mascot is to encourage discussion around all kinds of topics - I can't wait to learn more about our incredible, diverse, and engaging community!

From time to time I'll post a topic in the NC TECH Connect Home group - be sure to share a bit about yourself by commenting and telling the community what's up with you!  

You never know what NANO will ask next - I'd love to also see you post your own thoughts/questions/conversation starters in the Home group, as well as within the different interest/leadership/peer groups that you join in NC TECH Connect!

Beep, Boop,

available groups

→ Cyber Security

→ Diversity + Inclusion

→ Government Vendor

→ Talent

→ Tech Innovation

→ Women

→ Ambassadors

→ Board of Advisors

→ Board of Directors

→ CIO + IT Executive

→ CISO + IT Security Executive

→ CTO + Innovation Executive

→ Enterprise Site Leaders

→ Tech CEO

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Interested in supporting the NC TECH Connect virtual community as a sponsor?  Please contact Alex Taylor.

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