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TECH Job Expo - Virtual


What is the virtual TECH JOB EXPO?

The EXPO is a virtual event allowing job seekers and employers to connect live via chat and video.  Job seekers can visit virtual booths to learn more about the participating employers. Employers customize a virtual booth with a corporate description, employee benefits/perks, social media links, job vacancies and more.   


Wednesday, June 8
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM


This is a virtual event – you can login from anywhere to visit booths and connect live with recruiters. NC TECH will provide additional details to all registered job seekers leading up to the live event.

have questions about participating in a virtual tech job expo?

Employers - NC TECH + platform partner Premier Virtual will host a Virtual Tech Job Expo 101 webinar for employers on May 25, 2022 at 10:00 AM. Click to register so you can learn more about the Virtual Tech Job Expo process and platform.  Upon registration, login information will be sent.

Seekers - Want to make the most of your virtual job expo experience?  NC TECH is hosting a Job Seeker Webinar on June 1st from 1 - 1:30 PM to answer questions and provide some tips and tricks.  Click to register for the Job Seeker Webinar.  Upon registration, login information will be sent.

What Type of Candidate Should Attend?

The EXPO is primarily focused on candidates seeking tech related jobs/careers and internships. Whether actively seeking a job or interested in learning more about the participating employers, we encourage you to register and upload a resume. Registered seekers will receive more information from NC TECH leading up to the EXPO. Job seekers at all career levels are encouraged to register from seasoned executives to professionals just entering the workforce.  

Although the focus is on tech related positions, many employers are also seeking candidates for non-technical roles such as sales/marketing, finance, customer support and more.  

Click the link below to sign up for FREE as a job seeker:


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