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State of Tech Startup Showcase

meet six innovative tech startups with security solutions

NC TECH is pleased to announce the slate of startups that will compete as part of the Startup Showcase at the State of Technology Conference on May 10 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Each startup gets 5 minutes on the ballroom stage to pitch their innovative solution.  Conference attendees get to select the winning startup who will receive a prize package that includes cash and in-kind services.  The Startup Showcase is always a favorite component of the conference.



Adosia let's anyone deploy custom WiFi control systems in minutes. We are also a blockchain initiative pushing the edge of innovations. Adosia carefully designs all of our solutions to serve as significant agents of disruption to each product's respective target industry and/or application. Each solution we release provides new and exceptionally intelligent marketing advantages and revenue opportunities.

Deep Visual Insights 


Security cameras are widely depended upon for evidence during investigations, but their view can become compromised. The camera video feeds are manually reviewed for quality, but this task is onerous and error-prone. We provide an enterprise AI solution to quickly and accurately inspect all cameras.




IdeaBlock is a blockchain-powered SaaS platform that allows individuals and companies to incontrovertibly prove that they conceived of and publicly disclosed an idea—precluding any third party from later enforcing their own IP on the same idea—at a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of IP.

JPS Interoperability Solutions

Raleigh, NC

IronGate devices are installed with the remote sensors and controls and communicate with a single Irongate server behind a corporate firewall. IronGate’s Hardened Ethernet Interface responds to no other protocols, making it immune to hacking methods that rely on standard protocols.


JupiterOne A LifeOmic Company


JupiterOne helps our customers achieve security compliance and certifications, pass customer security reviews, and most importantly truly operationalize cloud security. Similar to the DevOps movement, with JupiterOne we want to promote and activate the DevSecOps movement to democratize security.

Threat Sketch


Threat Sketch is the TurboTax(TM) of cyber risk management for small and medium organizations.  Our non-invasive, uncomplicated approach helps non-technical business owners, executives, board members, and government officials to understand the unique cyber risk landscape facing their organizations.


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