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Diversify Through Apprenticeships with Cisco, Code the Dream + SAS


Code the Dream’s Tandem Apprenticeship model enables companies to work directly with high-skilled software developers and train individuals for specific roles, all while diversifying their overall talent pipeline. Join us to learn how Code the Dream partnered with SAS and Cisco to develop and implement this unique approach to apprenticeship. Leaders from each company will share their experiences working with Code the Dream and detail how this program helped to achieve their business outcomes.Daisy A. Magnus-Aryitey, Co-Executive Director with Code the Dream will facilitate the discussion with SAS and Cisco, as well as share how your company can launch a similar program.


Daisy A. Magnus-Aryitey
Co-Executive Director
Code the Dream

Profile photo of Amy Dull

Amy Dull
Sr Manager, FrontEnd UI Dev/Design


James L. Harroun
Manager, Software Development: Innovative Technologies and Experiences, Solutions Factory
SAS Institute

Profile photo of Chris O'Rourke

Chris O’Rourke
Vice President of Engineering, Wireless

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