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Diversity + Inclusion in Tech Summit (Virtual)

March 24, 2021 - March 25, 2021


Diversity is critical to the success of any workplace.  It provides a wide range of viewpoints, experiences and perspectives and improves the bottom line.  For NC TECH and its member companies, it is not just what we do, but who we are.  The theme for the 2021 Summit is Making DE+I Part of Your Organization’s DNA.

At this year’s Diversity + Inclusion in Tech Summit, leaders in tech helped us explore what we can do to help make diversity, equity and inclusion part of the technology culture, at our companies and in our communities. Regardless of where you or your company are on the D+I in Tech journey, this is the conversation for you.



CXO Panel

Building Comfort Around Difficult Conversations

Breakout Segment Panel Discussion Topics + Speakers

How is Tech Doing? Measuring the Success of D+I

  • Whether you are new to building a D,E+I strategy or your organization has been focused on inclusion for years, this conversation with explore execution and accountability of your vision and plan.

Removing Bias in Data Analytics Sponsored by Retail Business Services

  • Bias, intentional or not, has always been a part of our data, processes, and procedures. This conversation will explore the collection, interpretation, analysis and design as well as the human element behind it all.

Finding Diverse Tech Talent for Today and Tomorrow Sponsored by Accenture

  • Is there enough diverse tech talent?  Where can we find them?  How can we position ourselves for the future?  During this discussion we will explore how to attract and retain more diverse tech workers and leaders, as well as how we can better position the next generation of under-represented populations for success in the tech workforce.


Wednesday, March 24

Thursday, March 25

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