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Electronics Recycling

NC TECH supports responsible recycling of electronics. We encourage you to reach out to the NC TECH members listed below to determine the best solution or option for you/your organization’s electronic recycling needs.

The following NC TECH member organizations provide electronics recycling services:


Services provided: Our Mission: Providing Technology Tools and Training to Bridge the Digital Divide: collect, refurbish and award computers to students and families without a computer in their home; inspire students to succeed by teaching them critical computer, software and Internet skills; recycle and reuse donated computers and parts; extending their lives and reducing e-waste

By choosing Kramden Institute as your IT recycler, you help thousands to cross the digital divide with the use of refurbished computer equipment, minimize your environmental footprint, and make a positive social impact in the communities you serve. Also, ask us about our CORPORATE RECYCLING SERVICES. Kramden Institute collects computer equipment and e-waste from numerous corporate and public sector clients.

What location(s) in NC do you serve? We serve all of North Carolina (depending on volume).



synergy electronics recycling

Founded in Madison, NC in 2000, Synergy Electronics Recycling provides secure electronics recycling and asset management services to numerous industries across the state of North Carolina.  

With our in-house shredding and mechanical separation equipment, we can provide complete destruction of data-bearing devices, product recalls and returns.  Click below for more information.


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