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NC TECH Member Spotlight

Smashing Boxes

Company HQ Location: Triangle
Industry Type: Software Design and Development 

Smashing Boxes is an entrepreneurial software design, development, and digital transformation firm. Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and our founding story, as we more or less fell into the consulting and professional services world after years of founding/ cofounding various tech companies. While we had to learn a ton on the job to figure out how to run a services firm, we started with a great foundation of empathy for the startup community that we were built to serve. 

What problem(s) are you currently solving for your customers? Building a product or undergoing a digital transformation is difficult and it requires not only the creative and technical skillsets to execute, it requires leadership and accountability for the outcomes, not just the deliverable. For our startup, innovative large corp, and university researcher clients, we take on your challenges as our own and serve as your trusted partner and advisor in this tech journey. 

Tell us about some future plans for your organization. Our client work has really been busy as of late, as more companies realize that now is a great time to invest and to build.....combined with some of the economic headwinds leading to pull back on building internal teams. Separately, we are excited to be a part of a new Venture Studio launching in 2024. 

Why is North Carolina a great place to do business? North Carolina is a great place to do business because we are collaborative. While there is deep scientific and technical expertise, as well as massive anchoring industries located here, the openness to connect, collaborate, share, and uplift others creates a great environment for businesses and individuals to thrive. 

How can NC TECH members get involved with your company? We are all about sharing and giving first, so if anyone needs anything technical or digital related, please reach out and let's have a conversation. My hope is to leave each meeting given more value than I received.

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