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Member Spotlight: HUBZone Technology Initiative

Our founder, Matt Raydo, was looking for a way to give back to others. His for-profit company, Valiant Solutions, was unsuccessful in the beginning. As it grew, he decided to find a way to give back. Valiant already worked with technology in HUBZone communities, so that's how the idea arose.

What problem(s) are you currently solving for your customers?

Circumstances can become barriers, and HTI helps people break through these barriers by providing free technology for educational and employment opportunities. We acquire laptops donated by individuals, organizations, and businesses and convert them to Google Chromebooks for those in need. Our HTI Chromebook recipients face poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, addiction, disabilities, and more. We want to be a force for good in our communities and keep working to bridge the digital divide.

Tell us about some future plans for your organization.

Eventually, we want to get a larger office space (right now, we're working with 300 square feet) so that we can get more techs and convert more laptops for those in need. We mostly present to recipients in the Triangle, but recently we presented to an organization in Asheville, and we hope to continue expanding our reach!

Why is North Carolina a great place to do business?

We love North Carolina! Most of our employees were born and raised here! Many areas of North Carolina are actually HUBZones, so there are numerous people we can help here.

How can NC TECH members get involved with your company?

We always need more laptops! If a company is going through a tech refresh, we can take the old devices and recycle them for a good cause. We're also currently looking for corporate sponsors to help us grow and make a bigger impact.

Interested in submitting a piece for the NC TECH blog?

The Take 5 series features brief 5 question interviews with leaders who are making an impact within their organization and in the community. The interviews are shared in the monthly e-newsletter, blog and through social media.

Visit our Marketing Toolkit page for a submission form. Questions? Contact Rachel Kennedy.