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January Member Spotlight: Red Canary

Red Canary

Back in 2013, after leaving the intelligence community, our founders were helping organizations respond to breaches. These were good security teams who did “all the right things”, bought the right products, had the right services, and yet they were still breached.

They knew the system was broken, so they developed a different kind of security platform and service to truly protect organizations from cyber attacks. Since then, Red Canary has been a security ally to customers of all shapes and sizes—from the most sophisticated technology and finance companies, to healthcare and small businesses. And we haven’t looked back since.


What problem(s) are you currently solving for your customers?

Red Canary managed detection and response detects threats that no one else does. We protect your endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and SaaS applications 24x7. Some MSSP, MDR, and other security products think it’s totally normal to regurgitate alerts back to you. But you deserve better. We are your proverbial canary in the coal mine, alerting you to the threats that matter quickly. No more wondering. As soon as it happens, you’ll know.

Tell us about some future plans for your organization.

At Red Canary, we’re using everything we’ve got—our business resources, technology, expertise, and our heart—to keep organizations focused on their mission and everything it stands for.

We are security practitioners who know the stress of defending an organization against a very human adversary. We know the typical experience of buying security products and services, the ridiculous marketing, and the broken promises.

We’re passionate about how we can play our part in making the information security community more open and inviting to new members. Our education and open source programs make the entire community a better place.

Why is North Carolina a great place to do business?

North Carolina has a robust business environment and an exceptional and growing community within information security. We are excited to grow with the community and support organizations as they work to defend against adversaries.

How can NC TECH members get involved with your company?

NC TECH members can get involved with Red Canary by contacting Dan Graves and Jamie Pezza. Additionally, our website is a great resource, full of technical blog postings, intelligence insights, and many other resources aimed to help practitioners.

To learn more about Red Canary, visit us at our website, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


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