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May Member Spotlight with ImagineX Consulting


ImagineX Consulting is a business and technology consulting firm, with cyber security at its core.  Our goal is to help clients transform their businesses by embracing emerging technologies such as devops, cloud, and white glove technology consulting.  The ImagineX culture thrives on entrepreneurship, risk taking, mutual trust, teamwork, encouraging change, and letting our consultants own their way of working. Founded in 2015, the firm has six locations across the country, including two in North Carolina.  Raleigh and Charlotte are home to two of the company's co-founders and a handful of consultants.

What are your growth plans?

We now have 65 employees. Growing our presence via offering a highly pedigreed consultant at competitive rates yielding exceptional results. Our primary growth focus has been on helping our clients in the cyber security arena and leveraging our strong partnerships to drive results.

What do you love most about doing business in NC?

Great weather, friendly business environment, and home to some of the nation's largest financial services organizations that need our services more than ever.

If you could describe your corporate culture in just 3 words, what would you say?

Lean, Innovative, Better

Can you share some unique or fun facts about your company? What makes your business stand out? 


Live now, not later. We support this through our revolutionary X-LIST awards. It’s important to work hard and follow your dreams.

Why not to be part of an organization that can work with you to turn those dreams into reality? The ImagineX “X-LIST” is our version of the proverbial “bucket list” and is designed to help our consultants achieve their life goals.

Tell us what’s on your X-List and let’s work together to help you achieve it.

Quarterly "Takudos" Golden Taco Trophy

Employee with the best "Kudos" from a client or colleague wins the trophy each quarter - as well as a gift card to Bartaco!


Freedom yields big ideas and intellectual firepower, which is why we believe in the “work hard, play hard” philosophy at ImagineX Consulting. This means that excellent work should be rewarded in a new way: with the time you need when you need it.

We don’t count days or hold you to a specific amount of paid time off.

This allows our consultants to have more flexibility in their personal lives which makes for a better all around work-life balance.


What are the greatest obstacles and/or challenges that your business has faced? How have you and your business overcome them?


We kept our heads down and worked diligently to keep providing the same ImagineX value to our clients. Patience and persistence saw us through, and we are very proud of the growth we had during the most difficult season in the world. No one can out hustle our team, not even a global pandemic. :-)

Are there any cool or interesting technologies you are working with currently?

Our newest/coolest partnership is with Accurics.

The Accurics platform self-heals cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle. It programmatically detects and resolves risks across Infrastructure as Code before infrastructure is provisioned, and maintains the secure posture in runtime by programmatically mitigating risks from changes.

Has your business won any recent awards or other achievements you'd like to share?

In 2020 we were named a Consulting Magazine Best Small Firm for the third year in a row.

We also made Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Award.

What do you see for the future of your business?

The future of the firm is currently focused on scaling our business, doubling down on our capabilities to help our clients with a broad spectrum of cybersecurity initiatives, and preserving the strong start-up culture that we've built over the past 5+ years.  On a local level, we see a lot of opportunity for us in the booming North Carolina tech market, with a strong focus on financial services and healthcare companies.

Is there anything on your website you want to highlight or any special events you want to promote?

We are launching our new website in May! Stay tuned for some awesome animation and really innovative features.

What are the best ways for people to learn more about/get in touch with your company?

Follow us on LinkedIn for thought leadership from our consultants, announcements and events!  You can also connect with our National Business Development + Marketing Director, Brittany Patten at

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Visit our Marketing Toolkit page for a submission form. Questions? Contact Rachel Kennedy.
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