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April Guest Blog:  A 360º Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Readiness

April Guest Blog:  A 360º Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Readiness

Written By: Stephanie Styons
Senior Vice President
Racepoint Global

After listening to all the informative discussions at the DEI Summit, we all walked away with ideas for incorporating DEI in our organizations’ plans. But, since every company is different, what is the best way to evaluate how to get started and where to begin? It may be time to bring in some experts.

Inclusive leadership is the missing ingredient many organizations need to create high-performing teams and breakthrough ideas. Treating DEI as a business imperative enables technology companies to stand out from their competitors, whether building new innovative solutions to meet demands, finding new ways to reach and satisfy key partners and customers, or attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Racepoint Global and The Diversity Movement joined forces to create LAMP: Listen - Assess - Map - Plan. This holistic approach takes both an “inside-out” and “outside-in” view to enable organizations to benchmark their readiness for DEI.

Listen: We spend time listening to your team and reviewing your market to glean insight. We use an “inside-out” and an “outside-in” approach to understand your current DEI readiness and position. We evaluate the market context—cultural, category and competitive—within key technology market segments and vertical markets, through a combination of AI and human intelligence. We evaluate internal readiness through listening sessions and DEI engagement surveys.

Assess: We engage with key stakeholders and leaders (C-suite, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing), to review current status and compare against category and industry standard benchmarks.

Map: We deliver tracking and accountability guidance and tools for leadership with select HR employee engagement and learning and development platforms.

Plan: We establish ongoing access to membership-based online learning and a peer community for leaders to educate themselves and share their experiences and best practices.

DEI should be treated with the same care and urgency as any essential business imperative. Once the LAMP approach is completed, you will have the cost-effective tools needed to help solve DEI problems faster, to build a diverse talent pipeline, and to explore new innovative business opportunities.

To find out more about the LAMP Program and learn about the NCTECH discount, contact us at

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