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During the conference, there will be two sessions where three concurrent panel discussions focused around AI will be held.  Below are the session titles. 

Integrating AI Into Your Organization – Can Every Company Integrate AI? 

Sponsored by Silvertree Consulting

Listen to experts in the field talk about ways that organizations both large and small can integrate AI into your business operations using different technologies and applications. 

The Intersection of AI and Blockchain – Can One Exist Without The Other?

Decentralized Intelligence Networks are quickly becoming more and more prolific through the use of technologies such as blockchain. Hear more about this and how these two concepts complement one another. 

The Future of Work and AI – Will We All Be Replaced?

There is a frenzy about technology taking over jobs that people have done for decades.  This panel will discuss the shifting job market and how AI is impacting it. 

AI in Healthcare – How Is AI Improving Medicine and Patient Care? 

Sponsored by SAS

Many of the most practical applications of AI have been in the healthcare industry.  Learn more about the simple and complex ways that AI is improving our health and well-being. 

Ethics in AI – What About Privacy?  

Privacy is critical to all of us, personally and professionally.  Hear experts talk about how the convergence of AI and privacy and what ethical dilemmas it raises.

Unintended Consequences of AI – What Are We Teaching Our Bots?  

While the algorithms are working through more and more data at faster speeds, it is still the human that is the creator of those algorithms.  Join the discussion about some known unintended consequences and others that might arise. 

Submit a Panelist

We are now accepting submissions for panelists for these six discussions through March 16th.  If you or a colleague have expertise in one of these topic areas, we would welcome your application to be considered to join one of the panels.  Click the link below to complete a short submission form.   Speakers will be notified by March 30th