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2021 State of Tech Startup Showcase

State of Tech features a TECH STARTUP SHOWCASE with six innovative North Carolina startups selected to demo/pitch to a virtual audience of business and technology leaders.

NC TECH accepts submissions from startups across the state and narrows the field down to six. Register for the State of Tech virtual event and view all six pitches and vote for your favorite. 

Congrats to the 2021 Startup Showcase Winner


Startup Showcase Sponsor

 2021 Startup Showcase Participants


Acta Solutions
Indian Trail, NC


Acta Solutions is an AI-powered platform that addresses the needs of the public sector for centralized customer support in an integrated tool set. We utilize the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver a solution that gives citizens the best experience possible.

They leverage proprietary predictive analytics to understand specific communication behaviors and patterns of each jurisdiction over time to accurately categorize and respond to citizen inquiries. The platform frees up government staff to perform more meaningful work, while also ensuring consistent quality of service at a lower cost, all while maintaining the high levels of service that citizens expect.


Atando Technologies
Charlotte, NC


Atando Technologies solves business problems and streamlines processes with Artificial Intelligence. Specializing in Conversational AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Advanced Analytics & Digital Consulting for credit unions, banks and innovative middle market brands.

They build custom conversational interfaces that engage customers and solve problems without needing to escalate to an agent. 

Blue Recruit
Raleigh, NC 


BlueRecruit was built to create a better way for tradespeople to find work. There’s no need for a resume and they don’t require a complicated application. In 5 minutes, on a smartphone, job seekers can create a profile with their experience, salary requirements, and certifications.  

Once the profile is created, employers can contact seekers to schedule an interview. Employers are able to search for qualified job seekers by selecting skills that fit their role requirements without creating a job posting, and instantly review matching candidates.


Lapetus Solutions
Wilmington, NC


Lapetus provides AI based technology to transform the process of applying for life insurance. The Lapetus experience removes the friction from the process - no medical exams, no strangers dispatched to your home, while improving the data and limiting risk for the carriers and reinsurers.  Lapetus AI can examine a face and extract signals for health and wellness.

Lapetus AI can perform analysis remotely using a standard mobile device with a camera, and can examine the face for signals associated with advancing aging, body mass index, and smoking, while performing measurements to gather heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, stress index, and other medical stats.
Chapel Hill, NC

WEBSITE is fundamentally changing the way the world measures and interacts with environmental data. The Earthstream Platform automatically calibrates to micro-climates and begins transmitting data in real-time and uses automated learning and AI to solve global problems impacted by climate and environmental conditions. 

Additionally, the Earthstream Platform can leverage your existing data streams and combine all of this information to automate processes and provide concise recommendations across your entire operation. The Earthstream Platform helps us better understand the world and how to use its resources more conscientiously. 

Raleigh, NC


Up to 50% of software development time is spent on testing. Using hybrid artificial intelligence models, MuukTest gives manual and automation testers superpowers that make them 20 times faster. They help growing software companies build disruptive products faster, and without armies of test engineers.  

Their software as a service test automation platform uses smart tools that enable software companies to release faster with quality and use AI algorithms to automatically create and execute around 60% of the tests that are needed on a web application.


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