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Building Sustainability into your Web Presence

October 04, 2023

 Page-Banner.jpgThe IT industry is responsible for 3-4% of global CO2 emissions. As a tech vendor, the Umbraco team feels they have a responsibility to help their customers and partners deliver digital experiences in the most sustainable way.

In this session, Filip Bech-Larsen will share best practices on how to build sustainability into your web presence and deliver insights to help you minimize the climate impact of your website by diving into initiatives that will help you reduce carbon emissions.

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Filip Bech-Larsen

Filip is the CTO of Umbraco and is a Technologist by heart! Previously he has worked as the CTO of Colibo, the head of Technology at IMPACT, and as senior- and lead developer at, & Wildside A/S. Since 2016 Filip has been part of the Google Developers Experts program. His GDE title is a recognition of his web tech expertise and of his passion and ability to share it with the developer community - mainly through public speaking (100+ events and counting). Filip loves working with cutting edge technologies and trying to make rapid prototypes to test out the potential of it. He appreciates taking the time to learn new methodologies and frameworks to be able to evaluate what best suits a given situation. He is excited about pushing the limits of the platform and what is thought of as possible.

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