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Focus on Talent: Digital Up-Skilling With Infosys Springboard


Join NC TECH and Infosys Foundation USA to learn about their digital training and reskilling platform Infosys Springboard USA. 

Technology jobs are exploding and the pace of innovation within the digital economy is moving at lightning speed. Infosys Springboard in the USA is a flagship digital learning and up-skilling program led by the Infosys Foundation USA. Structured as two individual platforms, the initiative aims to democratize access to digital and professional skills content that empowers learners across the spectrum from K-12, through post-secondary, to aspiring professionals seeking to upskill for technology-enabled opportunities in the 21st century. 


Profile photo of Victor Sundararaj

Victor Sundararaj
Head of Infosys Education Americas


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Launching: Infosys Springboard in the U.S. to Increase Access to 21st  Century Digital Skills and Opportunities
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