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Driving Engagement & Community in the New World of Virtual Work (Webinar)

Learn how companies are building community, belonging and support for women in a virtual way as we all learn to navigate a 100% work from home environment and a whole new set of norms.

With social distancing and remote work suddenly the norm for all of us, it's more critical than ever to invest in building and supporting our employees, especially women early in their careers. In this webinar we will address how you can drive engagement, a sense of belonging, community and connection amongst your early career women in today’s more complex virtual work world. Turn insights into action and join us for our informational webinar.

Despite entering the workforce at the same rate as men, McKinsey and found that professional women are not promoted at the same rate as men. Addie Swartz, CEO of reacHIRE, will lead the discussion on improving the retention and advancement of women.

"In order to improve the bottom line, companies must find a way to ensure professional women are set up to succeed" -  Addie Swartz, CEO reacHIRE

Learn how reacHIRE and Aurora can help your company retain and engage the women in your workforce and help you better develop your women leaders. Also get your questions answered during our Q&A session at the end of the webinar. 


Tuesday, April 14
2 - 2:45 PM



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